Here at Job Consultants Network, Inc. we not only assist our clients, but employers as well. Think about the hiring process from an employer perspective. You determine a need for a new employee, list the open position, filter through hundreds of applications, contact those who pass screening and set up interviews. This a timely process and sometimes does not always yield the best results as new hires can come and go.

So how can Job Consultants Network help in this process? At JCN, we have done all the leg work for employers. We have learned each and every one of our client’s skills, qualifications, and aspirations for employment. Some of the Clients we have, we’ve worked with since the Discovery or Career exploration process where we have observed them in various working environments. This means we have determined their strengths and have already helped them improve on their weaknesses.

When we go through the job search process with our clients, we assist in finding positions that highlight their observed skills. We put our clients in for jobs we know they can do and be amazing at. We know this because we have either seen them job shadow in similar positions, spoken with past employer references to get insight on work habits and strengths, performed assessments to determine work style and comfortability level in various working conditions and so much more. We are confident that if an employer decides to interview and hire one of our clients, that they will have the necessary skills and supports to succeed and be a valuable employee for years to come. But our services do not end there. Once our client has been hired, we provide another amazing service to our clients and employers, Job Coaching.

As an employer, spending hours training new hires can be time consuming and slow productivity. Here at JCN we have Job Coaches with experience in various fields and multiple qualifications and certifications that can be a useful tool for the employer in the training process. We will accompany our clients during the training process and help absorb necessary information and teach our clients how to transfer it to on the job use. With an onsite job coach, we can help an employer shape an amazing employee by acting as a training guide until our client is excelling in their new position. During the job coaching process, we are always available to the employer and employee to ensure company needs are being met and when they aren’t, assist in creative solutions to boost productivity.

You might think such services would come with a high price, but actually every service we provide comes at no cost to the client or the employer! In fact, hiring a client from JCN can actually provide an employer with certain tax credits and hiring incentives. Should any hiring personnel be interested in these, we can provide all the necessary information.

There are many more in between services we provide and should you be interested in learning more about what we do, feel free to visit our Facebook page for some amazing success stories and current job seekers!
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Estefan Castro
Employment Specialist and Discovery Lead
Job Consultants Network, Inc.

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