2017 Legislative Developments


As we look ahead to Oregon’s 2017 Legislative Session, priorities from the House of Representatives are becoming more apparent.

Here you will find the current list of tax proposals being considered by House Democratic Leadership.  This is important because tax proposals must be initiated in the House.

In addition, please see the 12/8/16 Linn County Circuit Court opinion with Summary and Exhibit which invalidates the paid sick leave law for local government.  The Court found that the paid sick leave law represents an unconstitutional unfunded mandate on local government.  

Finally, please see these talking points in response to the Governor’s call to increase the “provider tax” on local hospitals to fund the state’s Medicaid program.  By our estimates, it appears that Governor Brown is looking to tax hospitals somewhere in the neighborhood of $400-$500 million.

Key Objectives

  • Remind legislators of hospitals’ consistent track record to find solutions in difficult times and our collective commitment to engage in solution-oriented budget discussions.

Key Messages

  • Hospitals are deeply concerned about the impacts the proposals in the Governor’s budget will have on patient care and a hospital’s ability to respond to the needs of their communities.
  • Hospitals feel strongly that the proposals used to balance the Medicaid budget as contained in the Governor’s budget are inequitable and unsustainable.
  • Hospitals alone could face cuts of more than $500 million which is on top of the funding they already provide to the state.  Hospitals currently fund 23% of the Medicaid budget for the state and asking for more of hospitals is not sustainable or equitable.
  • Our collective first priority should be to do no harm and focus on a sustainable Medicaid program that our state can afford.
  • Hospitals look forward to working with the Legislative leaders in 2017 towards goals our state have repeatedly agreed to – high quality healthcare at a price we can afford. 

// This information furnished through a partnership of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce


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