In looking back at some of the big wins of 2023 for Salem, we can’t help but think of the return of commercial air service to Salem Municipal Airport, a milestone moment for our community that so many community partners and business owners took part in.

On October 5, 2023, we were fortunate enough to take part in the first Avelo Airlines flight from Salem to Las Vegas (which was the first commercial flight from Salem in over a decade) and took a moment after landing to say thank you again to those who made it possible.

In the Autumn 2023 edition of the Salem Chamber’s 503 magazine, we published a story detailing the incredible journey that led to this moment. Read that story and that issue of the 503 online here.

Last fall, we also talked about the achievement and Salem’s first flight on Episode 9 of the Salem Chamber Podcast with guests Brent DeHart and Angie Villery of the Fly Salem Steering Committee, which drove much of the effort to return commercial service to Salem.

Watch that episode here:

As of January 2024, Avelo reports impressive results during the first few months of service, with more than 13,000 Salem Airport passengers having been served.

Thank you again to all of our community partners and businesses for stepping up and making this big 2023 win happen! We look forward to what’s next from the Salem Airport in the coming year(s)!

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