Greeters Vice-Chair & Chair Responsibilities

The Greeters Chair and Vice-Chair are individual who exhibits the highest degree of professionalism and attitude that is positive, supportive and respectful to all people. The role of the leadership for Greeters is to professionally represent and support Salem Area Chamber of Commerce in an effort to improve member retention.

The primary duty of the Vice-Chair is to assist and support the Greeters Chair throughout the year, and fill in when needed. The investment of time as a volunteer leader for this program is one of the biggest time commitments a volunteer can make to the Salem Chamber. The leadership path from a Vice-Chair for the program after one year of service, is to move into a one year service commitment as the Chair of the program.

Monthly Duties (roughly 1.5 hours per month):
• Oversee the monthly Greeter’s teams and captain, and ensure that the team captain has an adequate number of volunteer support for the welcome table function.
• Communicate with the welcome team captain each month on the proper procedures for their team.
• Attend the monthly meetings of the Greeters Advisory Group (automatic member).

Weekly Duties (2 – 2.5 hours per week):
• Review the activities of the next week from the chamber bulletin to highlight individual members during self-introductions.
• Touch base upon arrival (no later than 8:00am) with Greeters Chair as to needs, direction, and tone for the day.
• Check-in with the Greeters welcome table and offer support to the captain and welcome team.
• Review lay-out of room and determine the optimal way to proceed through the room to expedite self-introductions.
• Assist the Greeters Chair in determining who from the host company will be speaking and being interviewed.
• Assist Greeters Chair in the event/activities that will be participated in during the program.
• Assist Greeters Chair in closure of program.

The primary duty of the Chair is to lead alongside the director of events and programs throughout the year.

Monthly Duties (roughly 1 hour per month):
• Attend the monthly meetings of the Greeters Advisory Group (automatic member).

Weekly Duties (2.5 –3 hours per week):
• Call the Greeters host the week of (preferably Monday or Tuesday) to give an overview of what to expect and answer any questions they might have.
• Touch base with Greeters Vice-Chair upon arrival, no later than 8:00am.
• Determine who from the host business will be speaking/presenting for the host time on program day.
• Run lead for the program on the microphone.
• Conduct new member interviews (as needed).

Greeters Vice-Chair Application

  • Please indicate your level of participation in these programs offered by the Salem Chamber:

There is a minimum requirement to have been an active member in good standing of the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce for at least 1 year prior to application date. Applications close on March 30, 2018.

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